Integrate Your business software with cutting edge technology

We are team of experienced experts with years of joint team work on various projects. Focused on industrial automation covering wide range of applications. That includes industry specific, business related complex systems.


Custom made real-time software for wide industrial applications. Communication protocols development and implementation. Development of testing systems. Plugins for existing application in order to connect to the industry process. Cyber-security applications. Web based applications. Buildup of stand alone application


Development of solutions for automation systems. Development and deployment of PI system applications. Development and deployment of real-time systems. Industrial automation system expertise and diagnostics.


Project development and engineering of industrial and power automation systems. Industrial and Power automation design. Calculation and specification development. Technical documentation (basic design, detail design, as built). Testing - factory and site acceptance (industrial automation, relay protection and control and automation in power systems). Training.


Versatile expertise delivered through consultancy services. Conceptual design. Detail design. Evaluation of technical documentation. Delivery of case studies and analysis. Market evaluation. Tender documentation (delivery and evaluation). Supervision (factory testing, site testing, ...). Reporting.